Friday, 26 December 2014

My Nepalese Adventure

Although this blog is intended to talk about all the wonderful adventures I take (no matter how big or small), I decided to start this blog to keep anyone and everyone informed of my placement volunteering for Voluntary Service Overseas via the International Citizen Service. I will be leaving at the end of February to volunteer in Nepal for 3 months. Yes, 3 months! Excited doesn't begin to describe what I'm feeling right now!

The project I will be doing is "Youth for Community Development" intervention through working with local communities of west Lamjung, Nepal. This will help raise awareness on sexual and reproductive health issues and also in improving livelihood outcome for adolescents and their families. The intervention will be focused on 6 schools and their catchment areas. I will also be working to strengthen organizational capacity of women enterprise in the community and market linkage. The range of activities will engage, inspire and motivate young people and community groups to make a significant change in the community.

Being part of this project and having the opportunity to make a real change to people's lives, means the world to me. A section of the programme involves fundraising befor I leave for Nepal. I will be planning fundraising events, so keep yours eyes peeled and come along if applicable! I'd also just like to say that the money I raise goes directly back to the charity, so they can continue to implement these projects in poverty stricken countries. It doesn't go to pay for my flights, visas, vaccinations etc... This is all about making a change to people's lives. Please donate or sponser me what you can via my JustGiving page - Every penny will make a difference and it would be much appreciated by not only myself, but the communities I will be working with.

So... the countdown begins!

Alice x

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