Saturday, 3 January 2015

Snowdon Hike

This time next week, I will (FINGERS CROSSED!) have successfully climbed Snowdon as part of my fundraising for VSO.

Early in the morning, on the 10th January 2015, I will venture onto the glorious Welsh mountain and make my way to the summit. My boyfriend has graciously volunteered to accompany me to the top (if the truth be told, he had no choice in the matter really... Thanks Ryan!).

It's going to be a great way to get me prepared for what to expect in Nepal - lots of hiking between villages and being on a mountainous terrain. I'll be climbing Everest in no time ;)

By the looks of things, it might be a bit wet...

But what's a bit of rain on a Saturday morning?

I'm looking at both the Watkin and Ranger trails, but I'll keep you posted what route I choose (weather depending).

If you would like to sponsor me, then please visit my JustGiving page - - any donation is greatly appreciated and would go to a very deserving cause.

Wish me (& Ryan) happy hikes =)

Alice x

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