Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Splendid Snowdon Stats

To get me in the Snowdon climb mind-frame, I thought I would look up some Snowdon facts and share them with you. It might make the climb feel less impending...
  1. Snowdon has an elevation of 1,085m (3560ft), making it the highest mountain in England and Wales.
  2. The name Snowdon comes from the Saxon 'Snow Dun' meaning 'snow hill'.
  3. Snowdon has 6 official routes to the summit; Llanberis Path, Miners Path, Pyg Track, Watkin Path, Rhyd Ddu Path and lastly, the Snowdon Ranger Path. The latter I will be climbing on Saturday.
  4. The first person to reach Snowdon's summit was Thomas Johnson in 1639.
  5. Snowdon was used by Edmund Hillary to train for his Mount Everest expedition.
  6. Famed for it's beautiful wild flowers, Snowdon grows the rare Snowdon Lily on it's slopes.
  7. According to Welsh folklore, Rhitta Gawr (a giant killed by King Arthur) is buried on the summit of Snowdon.
  8. When the weather conditions are right at the summit of Snowdon, you are able to see England, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.
  9. Snowdonia has been inhabited by humans since Prehistoric times.
  10. Alice Garland climbed reached Snowdon's summit on the 10th January 2015... Hopefully!
Alice x

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