Saturday, 25 July 2015

Being an Active Citizen

Part of the ICS programme sees us be Active Citizens once we arrive home, and by this they normally mean spread awareness on an issue that you faced in your country of placement. Back in May, I mentioned how Team Nepal were doing a charity event called Hike for Healthcare, that would see us raise awareness on the lack of access to basic healthcare.
That day has arrived and Team Lamjung will be climbing Mount Snowdon. Hike for Healthcare will be a great opportunity to spread awareness on how far people have to travel for basic healthcare in Nepal. Snowdon has an elevation of 1,085m. The Lamjung district has an approximately 81.3% elevation above 1,000m, with many people living at or above this height. If people need healthcare, they will have about a 4 hour round trip to see a doctor. Most of the time, they won't travel down.
This event isn't to highlight how lucky we are for the NHS or that we're lucky to live in the UK. It is simply to raise awareness on how healthcare systems in developing countries aren't all they could and should be. Countries in dire need of development need their health systems reformed so that everyone has access to basic healthcare.
In preparation, Ryan and I went for a big walk in Stoke Park. If you live in Bristol, you'll recognise it as the green space by the big yellow house off the M32. Everyone in Bristol will know exactly where I'm talking about now.
Now I know what you're thinking.
How is that preparation for climbing the third largest mountain in the UK?
Simple answer? It isn't... but it sure was a lovely walk. Plus, it was good to take the time out and not have a care in the world apart from that moment.
I'll tell you what's also not good preparation. Eating a pizza on Thursday night. Cue massive food guilt...
Nonetheless I'm ready for Snowdon again! Plus, I get to see my fabulous team! Yay! We'll be at Llanberis Mountain Railway from 10am and we'll be starting our climb at 11am. We're trying to spread awareness on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #hikeforhealthcare so use it where you can! We also have an event page that anyone is free to join.
I'll also be live tweeting the entire event, so visit my Twitter page @alicelgarland for updates.
If you would like to make a donation to our cause, then visit my Just Giving page.
Or alternatively, text LAMJ75 £(the amount you would like to give) to 70070.
Thank you to everyone for their continuous love and support. Bring on Snowdon!
Alice x

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