Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Summer Sunshine

(I've been massively rubbish with blogging recently, but there is a big post all about Indonesia on the way. In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you some of the activities I've been doing since being back from Nepal and Indonesia.)

It seems that the sunshine has followed us all the way from Indonesia, so Ryan and I are really making the most of it. I'm currently looking for work so don't have much cash lying about, so I thought I'd compile a list of summer activities that won't break the bank balance.

1) Bike ride - I'm REALLY lucky to live next to the Bristol Bath Railway Path, so last Saturday I got the bike out and pedalled to my heart's content. Bath is about an hour's ride from my house and the cycle path is a beautiful setting the whole way. Plus, I got a good workout, didn't struggle or have to pay for parking and I did my bit for the environment! WARNING: your thighs won't particularly like you on the way back to Bristol, as it's a slight incline the whole way.
Get your bikes out and create a route of your own. Just remember to be safe when cycling on the road, and wear a helmet. Better to be safe than sorry...

2) Fish & chips at the seaside
What's better than a classic British tradition? Again, I'm very lucky to live where I live as the coast isn't that far away. If you too are lucky to live near the coast, why not spend a sunny summer evening there?
On Monday evening, I went on a spontaneous adventure to Weston-super-Mare for fish and chips. It was glorious weather that didn't deserve to be wasted. We had fish and chips on the seafront and then went for a walk all along the promenade.
Tip: If you head to Weston, make sure you go to Papa's fish and chip shop on Waterloo Street. The fish was amazing!

3) Tennis
As it's the season of Wimbledon, why not follow form and swing the racket yourself?
I'm going to be playing a game tonight and will celebrate my win (always the optimist) with some strawberries and yoghurt (trying to be a bit healthier by not having cream).

4) Picnic in the Park
Admittedly, I might have embraced the sunshine a bit too early when I had a picnic on a May evening (I think the coats and blanket wrapped round me was a sure giveaway), but when the sun is out, grab the picnic blanket and head to your local park. You could even jazz the picnic up a bit by having a theme - a Spanish surprise, an Italian indulgence, a French feast or a British belly-filler.

5) Summer festivals
Oh Bristol... you are an epic city. Home to numerous FREE festivals including Bristol harbourside festival (mid July), Bristol international balloon fiesta (early Aug) and Eat Drink Bristol Fashion, which was held in May.
If you're not situated in Bristol, why not visit us for the weekend?

6) BBQ
What I love about summer is how acceptable it is to have a BBQ practically every day! We had one last night with the fire pit going later in the evening, which meant I was in the garden until 11pm. Our recent BBQ's have also seen us replace the classic burger for marinated chicken pieces on skewers with mixed vegetables - delicious!

7) Search for Shaun
After the success of the Gromit trail, Shaun the Sheep is making an appearance on the streets of Bristol. He's been spending his time in London, but from the 6th July until the end of August, he'll be in his hometown providing a fun and free trail for all.

8) Gardening
After I returned from Nepal, I spent an afternoon helping my Mum in the garden. Yesterday I looked on it with a big smile as it's absolutely beautiful. Gardening is very therapeutic and by planting flowers, you're helping our declining bee population. Why not also try your hand at sustainably growing some fruits or veggies? I've got myself some strawberries to enjoy this week! If you haven't got room, why not enquire about an allotment?

9) Swimming
Being active is important for a healthy lifestyle, that's why swimming is a great option for the summer. Your whole body gets moving and swimming certainly keeps you fit. I love swimming, and if you don't know how to swim, now is a great time to learn.

10) Photo walk
For both adults and children, this activity can helps to highlight the beautiful country we live in. Take photos of flowers, buildings, the countryside... whatever you like. Enjoy your surroundings and who knows, your photography skills could capture a thing of beauty.

I hope this list has given you some creative ways to enjoy the summer sunshine without a great expense. And remember... don't forget to wear the suncream!

Alice x

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