Wednesday, 19 August 2015

We've been Active Citizens!

We did it!

Team Lamjung climbed Mount Snowdon and had a GREAT amount of fun doing it =)

Ryan and I hiked the Snowdon Ranger path in January, but this time I took the team up the Llanberis path. It pretty much follows the mountain railway track up to the summit which I think makes a lot of people look on enviously at the train as they shuffle up the steep incline. Having said that, it feels great getting to the top knowing you've just climbed the third highest mountain in the UK. Plus this hike was more significant for us as we knew this is what the people in Nepal have to do a lot of the time.

I thought it would be a nice idea to carry red balloons (the colour of DEC and Nepal) to garner some attention and get people talking to us. A good idea in theory but the gales liked to take the balloons into the team's faces somewhat...

And let me just clarify to the countless amounts of people that asked us... I WISH the balloons helped take us up the mountain, but really we were just carrying extra air. They still looked good though as you can see in the pictures.

We also managed to hand out our awareness leaflets at the summit to spread our message and give people an idea of what people of developing countries may have to go through. It's worth bearing in mind that people climb Snowdon for fun or a sense of achievement. The people in Nepal climb up and down because they have to. I would say that the team spoke to approximately 70 people on the day which is great towards healthcare awareness in Nepal. I even managed to get a couple of tweets with our hashtag #hikeforhealthcare!

The team have also had great success in raising over £400 to go to the DEC Nepal appeal.

There's still time to donate if you haven't which you can do either online:

Or via text:

LAMJ75 £(plus the amount you would like to donate) to 70070

You may think that £400 isn't a great deal considering there were a lot of people climbing Snowdon on Saturday, however the whole point of the climb was to raise awareness to those that may not have been already aware. The people I spoke to were genuinely surprised by the healthcare facts I presented to them about Nepal, which hopefully means it will stay in their minds for longer. I always find that when I'm told something surprising, I remember it for much longer... but that's just me.

Just thought I'd also point out that the final group photo was courtesy of Reiss Parmar. Thanks Reiss!!!

Thanks for everyone's support and I'll keep you updated with further VSO/Nepal updates =)

Alice x

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