Friday, 4 September 2015

Making the most

I firmly believe that weekends should be spent being productive.
This is especially true of Ryan and I as he spends a lot of the week away with work, so we always embrace the weekends and try to make the most.
For the last 3 weeks, I've been finding fun things to do that get us out and about.

Week 1
We went to Bristol museum to see the New York apartment exhibition they have on at the moment, and although not my cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and remembering visits from my childhood. Ryan and I have also developed a new game called 'Contemporary Captions'. For example... for this guy we found below, we decided his caption should be:
"Grab your coat love. You've pulled".
See what caption you can come up with for this one. Comment below.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day so we decided to venture south and go to Exmoor for a picnic. It was honestly glorious sitting in the sunshine eating sandwiches. Bliss!
Afterwards, we headed to Dunster Castle where Ryan FINALLY signed up as a National Trust member. Now I can take him EVERYWHERE! I thoroughly recommend becoming a member because not only is it completely worth the money, you really are doing your bit to help preserve the properties, garden and land for future generations. They're all part of our heritage and culture, so why wouldn't you want to preserve our history?

Week 2
Saturday was an absolutely glorious day so we decided to go out for lunch. We went to the Primrose Cafe in Clifton and managed to get a seat outside. We then went for a mooch around Clifton looking at the overpriced antiques. My grandparents would've had something to say about the prices... haha
We then headed over the suspension bridge to Leigh Woods. We were going to have a look at the exhibition that is currently on show there but we couldn't find it. Instead we went for a LONG walk (mainly because we lost our bearings... oops). It was such a nice day and the woods are kept beautifully, again because it's National Trust owned. They have a mountain bike trail so I might have to try that out in the next couple of weeks.

We went away for the night for our 1 year anniversary to Tortworth Court but I won't bore you with the details. I did beat Ryan at monopoly though!

Week 3
Saturday was quite a fun day as we went to play adventure golf at Pirate Bay. As you can imagine, it was pirate themed and even had boats on pulleys to add to the experience! Plus, I won... much to Ryan's dismay.

We then went for a drive out into the country where we had a cold drink and homemade cake from a farm shop. We're really lucky in Bristol where it's easy to do that. We're surrounded by green!
Bristol was holding an affordable art show so Ryan and I went along. It was £5 for a ticket and it honestly got me in a really creative vibe. I'm now looking for a canvas to bring out the inner artist in me!

This weekend was a bit hectic with hospital visits but Ryan and I did manage to squeeze in a visit to Leigh Woods again. Still didn't find the exhibition but we did manage to collect some beautiful autumnal leaves. Watch this space for my artistic flair!

As you can see from my activities, it's really not hard to make the most of the time off. Don't be that person that sits in front of the TV all day. Get out and about come rain or shine. That's what wellies and waterproofs are for!

Make the most!

Alice x

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