Saturday, 11 April 2015

The tale of Alice & the mahoosive spider

Once upon a time in a faraway land called Nepal, Alice wasn't feeling so great. She decided to freshen herself up a bit by having a shower, so she picked up her shower essentials to which she found the beast.

The biggest spider she had ever seen was staring with it's evil eyes into her soul. She gently tried to move it out of the room and with success it went along with this action. However, the spider was just preparing for battle. It swiftly moved up the wall, barely missing Alice's face and sat in the door frame. He was concocting a plan to get back at Alice for disturbing his resting place.

Without hesitation, the spider scurried down the wall towards Alice's bed. Alice, not wanting to share a bed with this creature tonight, quickly tucked the mosquito net under the mattress to shield her comfort from the beast.

And so the wait ensued. The spider flattened itself on the side of Alice's bed and Alice, not wanting to leave the room incase it moved to an unknown destination, sat waiting for her counterpart Meetum to return and tell Alice if the spider would in fact kill her.
When alas, Didi came to the rescue and shoved the beast out of the room with a brush, after laughing at the cowardness of her UK volunteer.

The End.

Moral of the story kids: Nepal has some disgustingly big spiders who will most definitely eat your face off. Ok... bit of an exaggeration, but it looked like Satan's spawn. And, don't think you can catch them, as they are fast. REALLY fast. Your best bet is just to leave the room and never return. Yes... just let the spider win.

PS: The spider photo wasn't the one in my room but it's the same spider. To gauge the size, think a palm...

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