Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Art Auction

Last Wednesday I held my charity art auction at Racks Bar and Kitchen, and I had a great night!

I had 21 lots in total, all of which embraced the Art of the World theme. The lots included;
1) People of the World photographs by Myself
2) Vorovoro Islands in Fiji photographs by James Fewkes
3) Barcelona photographs by Myself
4) Amsterdam photographs by Myself
5) Tunisia photographs by Myself
6 - 9) Travelling Animals by Kirsty Thatcher
10 - 12) Necklaces by Vivienne Jones
13) San Francisco photographs by Myself
14) Sydney Traffic by James Fewkes
15) Yellow Cabs
16) Waterlily on the River by Myself
17) Cobweb by James Fewkes
18) Flowers by James Fewkes
19) Man by Joe Donoghue
20) African Art by Anon.
21) Globe by Mark Hancock

The art looked absolutely fantastic and I have to say a massive thank you to everyone that donated their pieces and came along to the event. I put a lot of work into that event, so it really was appreciated.

I was a little disappointed on the night, as not many people turned up. I still managed to raise over £200, which isn't bad for only 16 people attending. Positivity is key in fundraising, and I'm optimistic for my next little fundraising events. Only 10 more fundraising days to go!

I have included some photos of the pieces with more to follow soon!

Alice x

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