Monday, 2 February 2015

Ladies that Lunch

I had a very pleasant afternoon on Sunday with female family members and female neighbours, as I hosted a 'Ladies that Lunch' event to fundraise for VSO.

I started the afternoon off with a little 'True or False' game about Nepal and the project I am involved with.
I then explained to the ladies the specifics of my trip and what to expect. We even had a Q&A session!

Then... lunchtime! I served the 3 S's - soup, sandwiches and scones! Don't worry, I didn't ration. There were also some cakes, crisps, sparkling wine and, of course, tea!

I made Valentine pamper sets which included homemade bath bombs and milk, homemade coconut body scrub and three red candles.
I also made Valentine treat sets which  included homemade fudge, marshmallow hearts and homemade chocolates.
The lavender and frangipini bath bombs/milk were also sold separately, and proved very popular.
Finally, I made little treat bags which consisted of homemade flapjacks and brownies.
I think the ladies liked these as I wasn't left with much after...

To top the afternoon off we played 'Pin Nepal'. The ladies were blindfolded and had to put a pin in a world map of where they thought Nepal was. The winner actually managed to pin Bhutan. VERY close!

A big thank you to all the ladies that came and made my afternoon!

Alice x

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