Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Gloucester Car Boot

To boost my fundraising amount and to keep the momentum going, I thought I'd do a Craft Fair in Midsomer Norton and two Car Boot sales in Gloucester (Bristol & Bath seem to be rubbish at this time of year for fairs).

I'm not going to lie, all of these fairs weren't great events. I only made £5(!!!) at the craft fair and £36 at the car boots collectively. In all fairness, one car boot was on a Wednesday and I don't think the clientelle at Midsomer Norton really wanted my pamper sets (I don't think a lot of the older generation there would've been able to get into a bath...)

Nonetheless, I am keeping a positive mindset. I may have made only £41, but that's still £41 more than I had already.

I have made over £1200 now and this last week is going to be a big push to getting the final £250! If you are able to give even a £1, it will contribute a lot to the fundraising!

I am so appreciative of everyone's support to me. It really has been an emotional couple of months and it's made me realise how incredible my family and friends are! Thank you to you all.

Alice x

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